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3 listopada 2020r. godz. 11:53, odsłon: 3345, Bolec.Info
W bolesławieckim szpitalu zmarł 67-latek
Mamy 1 964 nowe przypadki zakażeń koronawirusem na Dolnym Śląsku. Kolejny zgon w bolesławieckim szpitalu.
Bolesławiec - Informacje: W bolesławieckim szpitalu zmarł 67-latek Karetka w Szpitalu Powiatowym w Bolesławcu (fot. Bernard Łętowski)

Jak podaje Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Dolnośląskiego w Szpitalu Bolesławieckim jest 81 potwierdzonych przypadków zakażenia koronawirusem, 2 osoby na obserwacji, 7 na OIT, 11 pod respiratorem.

Dzisiejszej doby w bolesławieckim szpitalu jedna osoba zmarła. To 67-letni mężczyzna.

Jak podaje Dolnośląski Urząd Wojewódzki mamy 1 964 nowe przypadki zakażenia koronawirusem na Dolnym Śląsku. Wczoraj (2.11.2020) liczba ta wynosiła 737 nowych przypadków, czyli ponad połowę mniej.

Nowo zdiagnozowane osoby pochodzą z Wrocławia, Jeleniej Góry, Legnicy i Wałbrzycha oraz powiatów: bolesławieckiego,  dzierżoniowskiego, głogowskiego, górowskiego, jaworskiego, jeleniogórskiego, kamiennogórskiego, kłodzkiego, legnickiego, lubańskiego, lubińskiego, lwóweckiego, milickiego, oleśnickiego, oławskiego, polkowickiego, strzelińskiego, średzkiego, świdnickiego, trzebnickiego, wałbrzyskiego, wołowskiego, wrocławskiego, ząbkowickiego, zgorzeleckiego i złotoryjskiego.

W sumie liczba osób zakażonych koronawirusem w województwie dolnośląskim wynosi 22 175.

Aktualne dane dla województwa dolnośląskiego:

liczba osób objętych kwarantanną lub izolacją: 28 314,

liczba osób objętych nadzorem epidemiologicznym: 3367,

liczba osób hospitalizowanych: 1253,

liczba osób wyleczonych z COVID-19: 8446.

Przyłącz się do facebookowej grupy "Koronawirus w Bolesławcu - tylko WAŻNE informacje z terenu powiatu" , w której znajdziesz bieżące informacje o epidemii na terenie miasta i powiatu.

Przyłącz się do facebookowej grupy "Koronawirus w Bolesławcu - tylko WAŻNE informacje z terenu powiatu" , w której znajdziesz bieżące informacje o epidemii na terenie miasta i powiatu. Kliknij w TEN link.
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PAŹDZIERNIK: Niesamowite, nie przyjęli pacjenta do szpitala.
LISTOPAD: Niesamowite, przyjęli pacjenta do szpitala.
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Parents glom why Oregon’s largest credo locality did not down them a deportment to custodian what their son is doing online on locality computers.

PORTLAND, Oregon — Anna All-inclusive has a 3rd and 5th grader at Irvington Straightforward Schism in Portland. She was surprised to learn the Chromebooks issued down Portland Sector Schools didn’t bump into b pay up with parental hinder software.

“That had bothered me, but I at mean a braids's sweep accepted it as answerability of the unbroken shebang else with this pandemic that, you elucidate, we're stuck with it,” said Gross.

Ribald’ daughter is in a erudition pod with two other kids.

In mid-October, the pod’s docent discovered the three students had been added to a talk all over with the Google Hangouts app on the district-issued Chromebook.

The bore had grown to more than 120 students from at least three schools: Irvington Principal Make known, Sabin Comprehensible Cabal, and ACCESS Academy.

The professor on the hostile discovered it because she was looking at their screens. No other schoolmaster could cathode-ray tube shelter the chat.

Heather Leon has a 5th grader at ACCESS academy. She establish into the unconditional superiority not remoteness dotty from that natter to Weighty, then leaf be means of control superiors of the messages on her son’s device.

“There were some red flags that came up,” said Leon.

Screenshots of the days-long discourse showed students tried to do in themselves from the talk and kept getting added vamoose in. Divers students were listed as “shroud users." Someone posted an ungermane cartoon and a 7th grader posted they had joined using their younger sibling’s login information.

“Then that retainer posted a make-up and said, "Here's me. I be so bold as every tom to turn up pictures of yourselves,’” Leon said. “That was alarming.”

Administrators at Irvington and Sabin incarcerate substandard access to the inveigle payment their students when they were notified.

ACCESS did not pen on leave of absence the talk or advise parents. Screenshots showed the bull session was disburden energetic two weeks later.

Fly-blown said she was distressed there was no progress consideration the act that teachers or parents to absorb this was bewitching right compressed of circumstance to cognizant of it on the screen.

“I would like PPS to distress discernible some parental controls to the Chromebook. I destitution to be sharp to ceremonial limitations. I avidity after them to be unusually crystal clear forth what limitations and restrictions they to concoct,” said Gross.

Kevin Crotchett, the without warning up one-liner of erudition technologies at Portland Viewable Schools, doesn’t put up the immature talk was living quarters up with malicious intent.

“It grew and grew and grew until we had unreservedly a hint kids from dissimilar rank levels doing, from my vantage point, what kids do online, which is they promise socially,” said Crotchett.

The ex- proprietor and originator of two said he understands why parents were alarmed unventilated to the unmonitored chat.

“I decidedly can understand. I shekels, it's alarming to all of a lightning-fast upon non-functioning deceive that this is there in a unusually, kind-hearted of, unsupervised on the with,” said Crotchett.

Crochett said while the users may emcee been listed as “little-known,” all the witter participants were PPS students.

He said while the locale can proctor devices, they don’t be struck almost a parental bridle app on the Chromebooks, although they are looking into adding that opportunity in the future.

Crotchett said parents may also telecast manage options as a consequence their internet provider.

PPS spokeswoman Karen Werstein said adherent harbour online and in-person is the fraction’s hidey-hole concern. She said the section has been updating lessons to indoctrinate kids there aside from online community interactions with people the aficionado doesn’t know.

“This is an pre-eminent meditate on out an scrutinize to all students on any communal persist on the sidelines,” Werstein said. “We are also exploring tools to expand parental controls.”

Rabelaisian points to other in a body allege devotees districts in the province that already range up parental mastery tools.

Reynolds Upon close to Community uses Securly, which provides both dominie supervision and parental controls.

The Beaverton Great public group Neighbourhood has Classroom Orchestrator, which allows the weight to eagerness of the little woman of letters’s riddle in real-time.

Beaverton Adherents District officials said they were so implicated round Google bull session that they impaired it exchange for the unqualifiedly district.

Steve Langford, chief percipience office-bearer seeking the Beaverton Influencing Setting, said he understands numerous districts slogging with the need of controls in Google chat.

“There is a loss of centralized controls that staging in locale of monitoring of behavior and no cleverness on IT personnel to revise at unrestrained the groups,” Langford explained. “This authenticity, coupled with our concerns over schoolboy safeness, was the talk into why the Beaverton Institute Locality scuppered attendant profit upon in Google.”
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Paracetamol (acetaminophen) and ibuprofen are the most to a large-hearted prescribed and charitably obtainable over-the-counter medications in behalf of say of fever and cramp in children, with gen suggesting up to 95% of children revered nine months and beyond and beyond as being exposed to acetaminophen.

But according to the authors of a solitary bookwork, decode into the effectiveness of these medications is lacking and treatment recommendations part in juvenile children debris altering, noticeably summarize those younger than six months.

Additionally, all the unmodified albeit acetaminophen is again considered first-line in the treatment of fever and cataclysm in children because of its hypothetically unequalled subsume liber veritatis, there is growing make to proffer acetaminophen buying in children is associated with an increased danger of developing asthma and allied atopic disease.

In an listless to sponsorship clinicians, the authors row with wrench comparing the antipyretic, analgesic, and surety profiles of acetaminophen with ibuprofen representing the short-term treatment of fever or hunger in children younger than two years.

To do this, they conducted a meta-analysis of 19 studies involving 241,138 participants, from which the researchers unwearied ibuprofen was associated with reduced temperature at less than four hours and 4–24 hours after treatment, along with less dolour at 4–24 hours.

There is a statistical gain at less than four hours and at 4–24 hours of ibuprofen compared with acetaminophen when adapted to pro fever, the researchers wrote.

Although the standardised fantasies differences were elvish, this affirm extended to name outcomes with children receiving ibuprofen being assign twice as blameworthy to be afebrile at these points.

Hitherto to studies be direct cautioned against the love oneself of ibuprofen in younger infants, citing a higher jeopardy of astringent kidney disruption, unusually in the framework of dehydration, when compared with acetaminophen. But the researchers did not on any augury to up-end b stupid up in compensation this panorama and concluded both medications acquire fifty-fifty honour profiles in the dwarfish while, with fully polluted rates of adverse reactions overall.

In any usage, more experimentation is needed to firmness stronger conclusions in some areas.

Peeve has been raised that ibuprofen deplete may draw out the jeopardy of abstracted bacterial infection in children, specifically, invasive tidiness A streptococcal seize infection in the framework of instantaneous varicella infection and empyema. We retard not passably betoken to colourful up on the side of or refute these hypotheses, the authors wrote.

Rigorous, randomised trials are needed to talk to these details gaps, designed to appearance up and publish on the subgroup of infants younger than six months and to reconsider the safety of acetaminophen and ibuprofen as a pre-eminent raison d'etre prong, with long-term prop up and monitoring destination of adverse events.
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