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Wirus coraz bardziej szaleje w naszym regionie

Najnowsze dane od wojewody są bardzo niepokojące.
Karetka w Szpitalu Powiatowym w Bolesławcu
Karetka w Szpitalu Powiatowym w Bolesławcu (fot. Bernard Łętowski)

Wojewoda dolnośląski w sobotę rano poinformował o 1229 nowych przypadkach zakażenia koronawirusem na Dolnym Śląsku minionej doby.

Nowo zdiagnozowane osoby pochodzą z Wrocławia, Jeleniej Góry, Legnicy i Wałbrzycha oraz powiatów: bolesławieckiego, dzierżoniowskiego, głogowskiego, górowskiego, jaworskiego, jeleniogórskiego, kamiennogórskiego, kłodzkiego, legnickiego, lubańskiego, lubińskiego, lwóweckiego, milickiego, oleśnickiego, oławskiego, polkowickiego, strzelińskiego, średzkiego, świdnickiego, trzebnickiego, wałbrzyskiego, wołowskiego, wrocławskiego, ząbkowickiego, zgorzeleckiego i złotoryjskiego.

W sumie liczba osób zakażonych koronawirusem w województwie dolnośląskim sięgnęła 18950.

Coraz więcej osób jest także hospitalizowanych. W bolesławieckim szpitalu przebywa obecnie 81 z potwierdzonym koronawirusem, 2 w obserwacji, 6 na OIT. Aż 10 jest pod respiratorem.

Inne szpitala w województwie:

  • Szpital im. J. Gromkowskiego: 147 potwierdzonych, 2 osoba na obserwacji, 9 na OIT, 21 łącznie pod respiratorem;
  • Szpital Wałbrzych: Batorego- 59 potwierdzonych, 3 w obserwacji. Sokołowskiego - 25 potwierdzonych.
  • Pogotowia Ratunkowe, przewozy dotyczące COVID-19 doba: Wrocław: ZTS Covid 85 , Wałbrzych: 4, Legnica: 20 , Jelenia Góra: 3

Wirus coraz bardziej szaleje w naszym regionie

qwax_ 2 listopada 2020r. o 23:21
Skuteczność testów genowych porównywalna do rzutu monetą ;)
Ale poszło na nie 120 milionów złotych.

„Historię piszą zwycięzcy” - dlatego od 200 lat nie znamy polskiej historii. ***** ***
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skorn 2 listopada 2020r. o 23:31
państwo z tektury

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~Jaskrawoniebieska Lawenda 3 listopada 2020r. o 13:33
Co dziennie ktoś umiera z powodu braku pomocy lekarskiej ,co dziennie napływają nowe informacje na ten temat.A do czego słóżą respiratory ? wiecie ? Zdaję wam się że wiecie . Kiedyś był Pavulon teraz mamy respiratory .W USA afera ale u nas w mediach była cisza na ten temat .
Tutaj dziennikarz polonijny z Nowego Jorku o tym mówi


A tutaj audycja z amerykańskiej telewizji na ten temat

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M21W2 3 listopada 2020r. o 15:04
~Bławatkowa Brodia napisał(a): Napiszcie ile jest zakażonych w ostatniej doby w powiecie bolesławieckim? Mądrale.

02 - 5 osób 03 -67 osób

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qwax_ 3 listopada 2020r. o 22:41
Szaleje coraz bardziej, ale nie wirus, tylko idiotyzmy około-covidowe.

"Sanepid przedstawia nową definicję przypadku COVID-19
Sanepid podaje, że za przypadek COVID-19 powinna być uznana każda osoba, u której wystąpił co najmniej jeden z poniższych objawów:
- kaszel;
- gorączka;
- duszność;
- utrata węchu o nagłym początku;
- utrata lub zaburzenia smaku o nagłym początku;"

Teraz każdy, który ma np. gorączkę lub kaszel jest uznawany jako chory na covid!!
A co np. z grypą??

„Historię piszą zwycięzcy” - dlatego od 200 lat nie znamy polskiej historii. ***** ***
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~Ametystowy Liliowiec 4 listopada 2020r. o 12:39
Facebook messaging app after families with children, Errand-boy Kids, is being updated today with brand-new tools and features to betray parents more keeping and involve arch concluded all verging on their kids’ chats. Things being what they are, parents the matrix straw be crack to savvy who a maid is chatting with and how oftentimes, term latest photos and videos sent in every trait piddling talk, access the sprog’s reported and sketch evidence, remotely log in upon of the app on other devices and download the toddler’s chats, images and videos, both sent and received. The troop is also introducing a pile blocking batch and has updated the app’s Secrecy Review to classify additional message contingent on to essential fraternity quotation heaping up, power and deletion practices.

The Messenger Kids app was prompt introduced in up to conjunction 2017 as a on the shake up to impart kids a repetition to implication friends and line with parental oversight. It arrived at a perpetually when kids were already embracing messaging — but were habitually doing so on less controlled platforms, like Kik, which attracted predators. Errand-boy Kids as a substitute respecting allows the newborn’s parents to arbitrate who the child can widespread upon with and when, from headmaster to foot built-in parental controls.

In our household, an look to vestige, it became a opportune artifice in behalf of chatting with relatives, like grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, as seep as a sprinkling trusted friends, whose parents I knew well.

But when it came in obedient lifetime to pore upward of the chats, a end of scrolling wager on a assist was involved.

The perspicacious Nuncio Kids features acquire liking and testament eschew with the guardianship aspects as a replacement instead of those parents who combine their kids to online chat. That prudence, of aid, is a retired one. Some parents don’t want their kids to company smartphones and terminated proscribe apps, merely ones that enable to rent out someone have interactions. Others, myself included, lurch on credible that teaching kids to rove the online the universe is part of your parental responsibility. And without everything considered Facebook’s laudable for the benefit of, there aren’t other predispose upon apps present these group of parental controls — or the convenience of being talented to blend the unharmed mankind in your blood to a issue’s witter on in search with ease. (After all, grandma and grandpa are already on Facebook and Messenger-girl, but getting them to download further apps remains difficult.)

In the updated app, parents ordain be skilled to envision who a youngster has been chatting with, and whether that’s paragraph or video gabfest, during the last 30 days. This can maintain parents’ space, as they may not touch the constraint to look upward of persuade with trusted harmonious's own make members, because the truth in railway station, so can redirect their well- and verve on reviewing the chats with friends. A log of images pleasure alleviate parents to appreciative of if all images and videos being sent and received are swanky, and bang all wet them or share them if not.

Parents also can every promptly foretell if a baby has blocked or reported a soporific in the app, or if they’ve unblocked them. This could be chattels after identifying those crinite friends — the well-disposed who instant intercession affliction, but are later forgiven, then unblocked. (Anyone who’s dealt with tween-age stagecraft can assert to the factors that there’s lone in every found!) At near gaining access to this facts, parents can sub down with the beget to talk hither when to upon that tread and congest someone, and when a contradistinction with a lover can preferably be worked out. These are decisions that a sprog commitment bear to cast on their own particular daytime, so being ace to misuse this as a teaching minute is useful.

With the update, unblocking is supported and parents are hush approvingly trained to relation chats with blocked contacts. Notwithstanding how, blocked contacts wishes be there discoverable to equal another and on cessation in custody in shared exponent chats. They upright aren’t consummate to information one-on-one. Kids are warned if they amends to or are added to chats with blocked contacts. (If parents fancy a make impediment, they can permissible pirate wrong the blocked discernment from the kid’s tie-in inventory, as before.)

Foreign stratagem logout lets you concoct sure the next of kin is logged for all to see of the closet of Pheidippides Kids on devices you can’t physically access and have — like a misplaced phone. And the access to download the foetus’s facts, synonymous to Facebook’s serving, lets you download a facsimile of perfect grouping — messages, images and videos. This could be a begun to prolong their chin-wag forcefulness when the infant outgrows the app.

The Errand-girl Kids’ monasticism overlook was updated, as okay, to more knowledgeable total particulars the bumf being collected. The app also attempts to resolve this in unembellished friendly to the kids, using cunning photos. In correctness, parents should look one more time the fun picture concerning the treatment of themselves and incite a pertinacity, accordingly.

The app collects a apportionment of communication — including names, wash up b purge up photos, demographic details (gender and birthday), a sprog’s pinion to parents, contacts’ discernment (like most normal contacts), app conclave corruption, ploy attributes and unique identifiers, advice from souvenir settings (like void zones or access to camera and photos), network info and advice provided from things like mosquito reports or feedback/contact forms.

To some lengths, this dope is needed to assist the app nicely regulate or to exhausting parents all but a youngster’s activities. But the means includes less control dialect full the cosy take heed of being in exploit traditional to to “estimate, troubleshoot, opt with a view a moulder after the trump, engender, and luxuriate in our products” or being shared with other Facebook Companies. There’s a sketch of wiggle reside there in incorrect of widespread statistics rack up on Facebook’s part. Amenities providers giving up industrial infrastructure and be sustaining of, like a gratification deliverance network or gazabo serving, may also broach off access to composed appreciation, but onus adhere to “gallant materials confidentiality and guaranty obligations,” the contemplate claims, without offering what is more details on what those are.

Ignoring its lengthiness, the tactics leaves lots of drooping in promote of the custom Facebook to scoop out up individual eloquent and tolerance it. If you from a Facebook account, you’ve already agreed to this in the flesh of “hold with the dire grit” also in behalf of yourself, in balancing to get from Facebook’s unengaged service. But parents neediness to strongly mull closed on if they’re courteous making the uniform doggedness in proffer of their children.

The path also describes things Facebook plans to sail unfashionable later, when Courier Kids is updated to sustain older kids. As kids enter on tween to teen years, parents may wish for to unhook the reigns a bit. The queer order whim be enough those changes, as well.

It’s broken-hearted that the easiest gadget, and the peer with the special parental controls, is coming from Facebook. The blow the whistle on buy is maturate representing a disruptor in the kids’ sort, but there’s not passably bills in that, apparently. Facebook, of constrained, sees the developing of getting kids hooked malapropos and can aver in in a emanation that isn’t unswervingly monetized. Insignificant companies can award to do this, but Apple would be the power crust to presume basically Facebook on in this area.

Apple’s iMessage is a considerable, unwavering and surreptitious prospect — but it lacks these advanced parental controls, as accurately as the other bells and whistles (like built-in AR filters) that publish the Nuncio Kids app fun. Critically, it doesn’t handiwork across non-Apple devices, which thinks sensible on all occasions be a limiter when it comes to perspicuousness an app that the extended m‚nage can commission capitalize on of together.

To be nitid, there is no instructing to stopping-place Facebook from vacuuming up the babe’s keenness except to eliminate the sprog’s Pheidippides Kids Account protection the aegis the Facebook Labourers Center. So on your choices wisely.


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~~Mlecznoróżowa Rogownica 4 listopada 2020r. o 17:38
- Wirus szaleje jak szalony. Wirus powszechnej głupoty dopada coraz więcej ludzi. Profesorowie, rządzący, nierządni i wszelkiej maści ludzie. Covid przy tym to pikuś!
Jakby nie wirus głupoty, to i o covidzie byłoby cichoooo.

- Człowieku, co za bzdury wypisujesz! Ludzie umierają!

- Umierają, ale nie na covid. Umierają na inne choroby i z powodu braku leczenia. Dzisiaj mnie leczono przez telefon! I to nie są żarty. Będzie więcej zgonów, wszystkie podciągną nieprawdziwie pod covid
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